Van Build Progress No.2

June – September 2022





2 responses to “Van Build Progress No.2”

  1. Alex Standiford Avatar

    I still can’t believe how very little solar van lifers need. Are you going to work on the road? When off grid all summer in Taos, we had about 750w and that was fine until I started using my gaming laptop regularly .

    Conversely though, when we’re traveling we’re usually only boondocking for a few days anyway, so the 250w we have on this camper seems to be enough. I have about 1kw worth of panels in storage though. Thinking about slapping them on the roof of this thing anyway.

    Can’t wait to see the adventures you take!

    1. philhoyt Avatar

      Only got 200w, if I knew what I know now I would have bumped it up when building, but went cheap. Its a great setup for one person, but two people using laptops, fridge, lights, and fan it starts to get low. Hooking up shore power soon

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