Global Game Jam 2015

Another year, another Global Game Jam. This marks my third year of participating in the 48 hour game development challenge. With a team of close friends, we worked tirelessly from Friday night to Sunday afternoon to complete our submission. Like previous years, we choose to make our game web technology based, to leverage our teams with specific talents. This year we had a heavy focus of Javascript to handle every game mechanics and CSS3 to handle game animations. I would like to personally thank Matt Valentine a new comer to the game jam world for spearheading much of the combat systems, Long time team member and jammer Justin Demetroff for handling the laborious task of developing and rigging many game systems and mechanics, Matt Barnes for coming up with the amazing idea’s, plot points, music, and writing, and Heather (I can’t spell your last name from memory) for every illustration and visual game design that BLEW MY FREAKING MIND.

If you would like to play our game please visit: TPK [TotalPartyKill]

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