Generate Post Title and Slug from Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields - Post Title

I often need to create post titles in WordPress based on fields I’ve generated using Advanced Custom Fields. Below is an example that assumes we have a Custom Post Type registered to “staff” and two Custom Fields with the name of “first_name” and “last_name”. Using the “update_value” hook provided by Advanced Custom Fields and “wp_update_post” I am able to update the Slug and Post Title using the values given in the respective fields.

// Create Title and Slug
function acf_title( $value, $post_id, $field ) {
if ( get_post_type( $post_id ) == 'staff' ) {
$new_title = get_field('first_name', $post_id) . ' ' . $value;
$new_slug = sanitize_title( $new_title );
// update post
wp_update_post( array(
'ID' => $post_id,
'post_title' => $new_title,
'post_name' => $new_slug,
) );
return $value;
add_filter( 'acf/update_value/name=last_name', 'acf_title', 10, 3 );

To disable the Title field I remove it from the supports argument for the register_post_type.

'supports' => array( 'editor', 'thumbnail', 'revisions', 'page-attributes' ),

Disabling the title at a custom post type level will, unfortunately, remove the clickable permalink below the title that I often use. To combat that I create a very simple metabox with the permalink. Demonstrated below. (I believe this is no longer the case with Post Types using the Block Editor)

* Adds a meta box
function simple_meta_box() {
add_meta_box( 'prfx_meta', ( 'View Post' ), 'simple_meta_box_callback', 'staff', 'side', 'high' );
add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'simple_meta_box' );
* Outputs the content of the meta box
function simple_meta_box_callback( $post ) {
echo '<a href="';
echo '" class="button button-small" target="_blank">View Profile</a>';

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