Generic Framework UPDATE V: 0.9.80 and future development

Last week launched the stable version of Generic Framework V: 0.9.80 and with it came a few new feature along with some minor bug fixes. Below is a list of additions.

  • “mobile-off” class added to disable elements on mobile devices
  • Generic Button UI Kit has been introduced
  • “alpha” and “omega” classes can be applied to elements with “align-right” and “align-left” classes.
  • “remove-top”, “half-top”, and “add-top” classes have been created

Beta Versions for V: 0.9.90 development can be found on the GitHub page. When released features will include Theme Customizer Layout Options, Shortcodes for Buttons, some legacy browser compatibility changes, better default input field styling, image caption styling, and other clean up. Documentation for the current features can be found at the Generic Framework homepage.

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